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Monday, April 20, 2009

Karimunjawa Islands National Park

11:18 PM

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This region is located in the Java sea, 83 km from Jepara City to the north. This object is defined as an island national park Karimunjawa sea. 7120 Ha broad land of 27 islands, but only 5 of uninhabited. That is Karimunjawa, Kemujan, Parang, Nyamuk dan Genting. with the overlay in the scene between the islands, white sand that extends along the beach with a coconut tree. There are 242 kinds of ornamental fish, and aquatic fauna 133 genera. With the motor ship, Karimun Java can be in about 5 minutes from the dock Jepara. National Park area in the sea has also built "Kura-Kura Resort" which is the area of health facilities with the lux, which is owned by foreign investors. 

In general fauna of the Islands Karimunjawa consists of two (2) groups, namely: 
1. Mainland: Deer, Trenggiling, Landak, Snake, Bangau Tong tong, Bangau Gray, Elang and sea-Wedi Wedi. Sea eagle is a rare animal that can be found in this archipelago. 
2. The water: Coral reefs, spons, soft coral, roots Bahar, red shells, turtle and ornamental fish. Beaches in Karimunjawa mostly white sand, therefore, suitable for sunbathing, diving and fishing. 
Tourism activities that can be done in Karimunjawa: 
1. Sports suit, diving for the hobbyist can distribute their hobby in Tanjung Gelam (in Karimunjawa), Pulau Menjangan Island Cemara Small and Small. 
2. Bathing and fishing on the beach, match made on the island of Menjangan Besar island of white sand and Cemara Small. 
3. Snorkeling, various spots in the bottom of the sea to give attention. 
4. Fishing, the hobiist can deliver the boat to rent. 
5. Glass bottom boat, for those who can not swim can enjoy the beauty beneath the sea dng glass bottom boat. 
6. Jetski and banana boat, for the water sports like this, can do so at Karimunjawa. 
7. shark, trying to feel the fear factor here, with the tease sharks. 
8.Go by boat to visit the islands, many islands are beautiful, you can visit with the boat. 
9. Dive into the life of fishermen tradition Bugis and Madura with its typical “ panggung”home. 
Some locations / objects of interest to visit:
Menjangan Kecil island, Menjangan Besar, Tanjung Gelam, Legon Lele, Genting, Twin, Parang, and Cemara Krakal.  Maritime tourism such as sailing, water surfing, water skiing, swimming, sunbathing on the white sand beach, camping, cultural tours, bird and deer observation and diving / snorkeling. Package tours to visit the islands can contact the travel agency in Semarang / Jepara (one tour to seven days).

Cultural attractions outside the national parks and Lomban Durian Festival in January / March in Jepara. 

Go Karimunjawa can be quick with the boat from Semarang I Kartini Every Saturday and Monday every 2 weeks, every day from Monday Jepara 2 weeks.with KM Muria from Jepara every Wednesday and Saturday, can alsodo with the flight path from the airport, A. Yani Semarang charter plane with 212 types of Cassa approximately 30 minutes to the airport Dewadaru Karimunjawa. Accommodation facilities are available sufficient start I stay home, resort and hotel 
Visit best season: April s / d in October each year.

Nyamplungan Legend 

Name Karimun the folklore of the local loop is Nyamplung Sunan, who called the original Syech Amir Hasan, the son of Sunan Muria. Since small, he lived so spoiled when adults go, he tends to be brassy. Sunan Muria are trying to educate puteranya to become better, but always failed. Finally, Sunan Muria puteranya to commend Sunan Kudus, with the hope to become better. 
Under the guidance of Sunan Kudus, Amir Hasan indeed become a more private good and obedient, so he returned to his family. But once again gather with their families, behavior Amir Hasan back as they are. 
Sunan Muria was concerned, and finally ordered puteranya to descend the mountain Muria science and practice religion in the island seems "kremun-kremun" (not clear) when viewed from the Mount Muria. Sunan Muria and also said that the Amir Hasan could not return to the island before its work is completed. 
 Seeing the fruit with 2 seeds Nyamplung to be planted on the island of destination, and mustaka mosque (still in the tomb complex of Sunan Nyamplungan), and accompanied by 2 people servant, Amir Hasan was finally starting perjalannya. After up to and find a suitable place for ditinggali, Amir Hasan and fruit planting 2 seeds Nyamplung who brought from Java. Plants that grow from the seeds of Nyamplung this is now known as tree Nyamplung, given the location and name of hamlet Nyamplung.