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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Traditional Dance(1)

7:42 PM

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 There are lots of traditional dances (tari) in Indonesia, thanks to many different ethic groups in its 27 provinces. Usually, each province has its own youth dance, war dance and greeting dance. All which were developed long before Indonesia became one country on August 17, 1945. We have collected a couple popular dances from each province. And you are sure to find much more when you actually visit Indonesia.
the first one came from Sumatra region
Sumateranese dances
1. Northern Sumatera's Tor Tor
2. Aceh's Serampang Duabelas
3. Jambi's Sekapur Sirih
4. Riau Isles' Joget Lambak
5. Western Sumatera's Tari Piring
6. Southern Sumatera's Puteri Bekhusek
7. Bengkulu's Andun
8. Lampung's Jangget


Tari Seudati:

Danced by 8 men and 1-2 other narrators and led by a sheh (dance leader). It doesn't need any musical instruments. The dance describes heroic characteristics of Acehnese.

Tari Saman (for men) and Meusekat (for women):

Developed from the traditional dance "Tepuk Ane" and played by 8-20 dancers. They kneel in a row on the floor or the ground and make many kinds of torso movements. It starts with a very slow speed which gradually becomes a rapid speed then stop suddenly. Accompanied by songs while clapping hands, slapping the chest, slapping hands on the floor.

Tari Rapa-ii Geleng:

It is a specific tambourine used in dancing and singing. Has 11-20 men dancers, similar to Saman.

North Sumatra
Tari Manduda:

Traditional dance of Simalungunese, portraying the people who are excited during

Tari Sekapur Sirih:

This is danced to greet guests who are visiting North Sumatra.

Tari Baluse:

A Nia warrior dance which shows brevity and courage

West Sumatra
Tari Piring:
This dance is uses plates with candles on top as one of the accessories. Dancers skilfully move their hands with the plates and candles in them. This dance symbolizes the tight and co-ordinated Minangkabau people.

Joget Lambak:

The dance is one of the means of socializing between young girls and guys.

Tari Tandak Riau:

This is also one of the social dances in Riau


Tari Rangguk:

Full spirited dance, especially performed to greet some guests.

Tari Selampit Delapan:

A social dance for the teenage girls and boys

Tari Sekapur Sirih:

This dance differs from North Sumatran dance only in costumes and origin, but both of them serve as entertaining dances.


Tari Jangget:

This is a special dance which is performed during traditional ceremonies. It portrays the morals of the people of Lampung.

Tari Melinting:

A dance that carries a legend. When Sunan Gunung Jati (one of the Nine Islam Sheikhs in Indonesia) visited the Kingdom of Pugung, he fell in love with Putri Sinar Alam--the princess--who was supposedly performing Tarin Melinting.

Tari Bedana:

A social dance with Islam influence

South Sumatra
Tari Kipas:

A social dance for teenage girls and boys of South Sumatra
Tari Tanggai:

A special dance to greet the guests of South Sumatra. All of the dancers have fake long gold nails as one of their accessories.

Tari Bidadaei Terminang Anak:

It means a dance for a fairy who is cuddling a baby. This a traditional dance of Rejanglebong
Tari Andun:

This dance originated from the south of Bengkulu. It is a special dance to greet guests of honour.