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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mekarsari Fruit park

6:57 PM

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Mekarsari Tourism Park is the center of the tropical fruitiest in Indonesia. It is the largest tropical fruitiest in the world in the area of 264 hectar. it was built in 1990 . The park located in Cileungsi, District of Bogor West Java an can be accessed from Jakarta only about 1 hour. 
The garden of Wisata Mekar Sari was one of the centres of conservation of the biological diversity of the biggest tropics fruit in the world, especially the superior fruit kind that was gathered from all over the area in Indonesia, at the same time being the place of the cultivation research (agronomy), breeding (breeding) and the increase in the prime seed to afterwards be spread to the farmer and the public's community.  
Park facilities are comfortable, made up of several zones, among others, Water Zone, Family Zone, Race Point, Exotic Mediterranean zone, Central Park, the land and the Green Zone. Diversity of plants into one of the benefits of Mekarsari compared to other parks. We can do various activities such as the view from near the fruit-the fruit of native Indonesia; see the orchard that we rarely see, and so forth. Garden area of 264 hectares is equipped with facilities for tourists touring the archipelago and abroad. Tourism in the middle of the park is supported by various vehicles that visitors to the natural approach. Visitor can look many types of activities and park like • Family Garden, • Recreation Lake (20 ha), • Baby Zoo, • Deer spotted, • Garden Center, • Greenhouse Melon, • Outbound, • dead flowers, • Kids Fun Valley, • Scenic Tower • Building Water Fall (Tirto Sari Puri). • Gathering Company, • Family picnic, • Tourism Fruit Garden • Barbeque, • Walking in the garden. 
Beside the draught with various trees that if again the fruitful season could be at once reaped and in ate in the place, this tourist attraction was also supplemented with other tour means like, the circle carriage, the tour car, tuk-tuk, the bicycle tandem, the motor atv, monorail, the duck boat, the rowing-boat, bombom car, the flora theatre, the water lily pond, the water garden, the canal boat, the centre of seedling cultivation, the shop, the shop souvenir the fruit, pujasera, Vila in the orchard forest, the entertainment stage and did not miss also challenge facilities outbound that really defiant as flying slid, descended steep, climbing the rope, went on the rope, climbed askew bamboo and all the rest.
Lately, to attact more visitors they improve fascinating tourism activities at Mekarsari through diversification of thematic and adventurous products such as: Environment Gathering, Eco-Schooling etc.