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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tawang Mangu

3:17 AM

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Tawangmangu is located 40 km east of Solo, this recreational resort offers fresh weather; scenic views, swimming pools, bungalow style hotels and restaurants. Tawangmangu, a mountain resorts at an elevation of almost 1 km above sea level, which promises a cool escape from the city's heat. It lies on the slopes of Mt., Lawu, at an elevation of 1300 m above sea level. A cool splendid hill resort also on the slope of mount Lawu, at about 1400 M height above sea level. The road from Solo via Karangpandan is a fine trip thru magnificent green terraced hills. Tawangmangu has all kind of facilities, hotel, camping ground, forest tourism, etc. The climate is fresh and one can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Other features include nearby temples, a national park and 40m in high waterfall of Grojogan Sewu.

It is a 100 M high waterfall; the pool at the bottom has very chilly water. In front of the gate to Grojogan Sewu, horses for rent are available to ride around Tawangmangu. Another things is be carefull with the monkey, in this area there is a lot of wild monkey. the monkey often pick your accesories or your bag.

the favorite food if you visit here is sate kelinci (bunny satay). this food can be enjoyed in-house restaurant or food vendor around that there are many around Grojogan Sewu.just like this:

if you lucky and if its crop time you can go for your own carrots crops. you have a fresh carrots for souvenir.